• Color Expertise
I’ll help you select and coordinate paint colors, fabrics and materials, and accessories. See what a little color can do. In exterior transformations, color can make all the difference.
• Furniture Arrangement
I can begin by using existing furniture or help you purchase new pieces and arrange them in an innovative way to give the room a fresh look and/or to maximize space.
• Interior Design
I’ll create a new look for a room, home or office through the use of color, fabric, furniture arrangement and accessorizing or with a complete remodel of your home or a specific room/area.
• Accents/Accessories
I can shop with you or for you in order to obtain the final touches for any room. Need to arrange your flowers? I can do those, too.
• Upholstery
I will assist you with the selection of fabric for existing furniture pieces in order to update or enhance their look.
• Window Treatments
To enhance a room and tie everything together, selecting blinds, shutters, curtains, and/or draperies to add the final touch and create a finished look.
• Lighting
Lighting gives warmth to and creates atmosphere for a room. Adding table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, and/or bathroom lighting to create a new environment.
• Home Staging
I only stage homes that have existing furnishings. I’ll suggest ways to rearrange or add furniture and/or accessories in order to enhance a room or entire home. I'm happy to work directly with real estate agents or the homeowner.

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